We produce wood sculpture primarily of aquatic themes utilizing maple veneer intended for skateboard decks.  we create plywood for carving using the colorful veneers in unique combinations.  Each carving is initially done by hand using traditional tools and then carved by a controlled router for roughing out. each piece is hand detailed and finished with three coats of gloss water-based finish.   The result is a bright vibrant stylized sculpture for the wall, table top, drawer, cabinet door & wine bottle.  Sizes range from one and a half inches by one d a half inches to twelve inches by thirty inches.

Tom does the design work and creates the art.  Keven manages the website, photographs the art and participates in the finish work. 

We are daily inspired by our new home in North Carolina's outer banks.  Living the dream every day creating art and enjoying all that coastal life has to offer. 


Tom & Keven Eriksen